Materials Management

Permit Applications and Forms​

Visit Permit Applications and Forms web page for guidance​ for conversion technology facilities, energy recovery facilities, material recovery facilities, solid waste treatment facilities, transfer stations, incineration units and landfills.​​ 

Local government landfills

DEQ has "orphan" funding to investigate and clean up hazardous substances at solid waste disposal sites owned or operated by local government, or at private disposal sites containing domestic solid waste where DEQ determines that responsible parties are either unknown, or unwilling or unable to take remedial action.

Animal mortality

Disposal and recovery of animal mortality and byproducts in Oregon

Recent and imminent closures of Oregon rendering plants are leaving the state without those operations and prompting various state agencies, in partnership with users of rendering plants, to explore short and long-term options for disposal of dead animals and butcher waste. Among the state agencies working on potential solutions are the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, the Oregon Department of Agriculture and Oregon State University.

In June 2001, DEQ's Solid Waste Program, surveyed all the municipal solid waste landfills in Oregon and the rendering[1] companies we could locate in Oregon to obtain information on the recovery and disposal of dead animals and animal byproducts. The survey was designed to help businesses that generate these products find resources for their recovery or disposal. This information is needed now because some rendering companies serving Oregon have closed or raised their prices recently, limiting the options for disposal of dead animals and animal byproducts.
[1] Rendering is the process of reducing, converting, or melting down fat by heating to produce products that can be used in foods or to make soap, candles, or lubricants.