Materials Management

2019 grant opportunities

The Department of Environmental Quality’s Materials Management Program funds projects on a yearly basis that support Oregon’s 2050 Vision for Materials Management. Since 1991, DEQ has awarded over $9 million in materials management grants. Grants are for projects that reduce impacts across the full cycle of materials and products.  The lifecycle of materials and products includes product design, raw material extraction, manufacturing, transport, consumption, use, reuse, repair, recovery through recycling, composting or anaerobic digestion, and disposal. 

In 2019, DEQ prioritized projects that involved partnerships with community-based organizations, and received more than 50 competitive applications. Out of those applications, DEQ funded nearly $600,000 to 17 organizations. DEQ appreciates the time and effort applicants have invested in this grant application process and encourage applicants that did not receive funding to consider applying to future grant opportunities with DEQ.

2019 Grant Recipients and Project Descriptions

Information about the 2020 grant round is expected to be posted in Spring 2020.
For applicants who were awarded 2019 funding, please know that this will be the grant agreement you will develop with DEQ: 
  •  Grant agreement  (Your Regional Technical Assistant will guide the usage of this document)

Community of DEQ materials management grantees

DEQ wants to support the community of past grant recipients. Sharing lessons learned, challenges and accomplishments are keys to learn from our peers and build off of their accomplishments. We are all working towards common goals of preventing and reducing waste generation. Here are a couple of project examples from previous Materials Management grant cycles:
The Rethink Waste Project of The Environmental Center in Bend:
Food: Too Good to Waste

Food: Too Good to Waste, project presentation

Click to play the video for Food: Too Good to Waste, project presentation
Final project report: Food: Too Good to Waste
The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability from the City of Portland and their Deconstruction Grant project
The goals of the project was to increase deconstruction as an alternative to mechanical demolition, build capacity within the salvage industry, promote community awareness of deconstruction and collect and share project data and case studies.
If you have more questions about any of the past grantees listed above please reach out to Marie Diodati. 

Regional contacts for ongoing grantees


For more information about grant opportunities, contact Marie Diodati, 503-229-5446.

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Past grant highlights