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Make Every Thread Count: Stakeholder Resources

Make Every Thread Count is an Oregon public awareness campaign that encourages Oregonians to think differently before buying clothes, make smarter choices at the register and extend the life of their clothing. Oregonians are smart, practical consumers and this campaign shows how simple steps can greatly reduce the environmental impacts associated with clothing.

Campaign resources

The Make Every Thread Count Toolkit Guide provides an overview of all campaign material and guidance on how to use them. There are three main categories of materials. Items that require no customization and can used as is. Items that require some customization, and are available in Word documents to make simple changes at your agency. And a third category of materials that involve more advanced customization requiring use of design software. 

Toolkit items

The following items are ready to use as is—no customization required.
The following items are designed to be fully customizable. Look for the placeholder content with brackets to indicate where changes should be made. Customization options include updating the word “Oregonians” with the name of your city or county, or leaving as is; adding your campaign website link; and inserting your agency’s logo.
Materials available in Spanish
Design Files (Customizable resources)
There are several additional tools designed for this campaign, that require customization, including a bill inserts, advertisements and a quality-care flyer. These files are available in both English and Spanish. For access to these files, contact Julie Miller at 503-229-5509.


Elaine Blatt
Materials Management Program

Campaign tools produced by PRR, Inc.