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Sewage Disposal Service Business Licensing

Do you need a Sewage Disposal Service license?

Oregon law requires that you must have a license to work on a subsurface sewage disposal system (septic systems) or advertise/represent oneself to be in the business of providing sewage disposal services. The license is a Sewage Disposal Service or SDS license. 

Sewage disposal services include:

  • Constructing any kind of septic systems, or any part of it. This includes grading, excavating and earthmoving work connected with these activities.
  • Pumping, transporting and disposing of contents from any kind of septic system, including nonwater-carried sewage disposal facilities (such as portable toilets) and graywater tanks or systems.
  • Advertising or offering to perform any of the services above.

Licensing Steps

1. Determine the license type you need

  • Installer only
  • Pumper only
  • Combined Pumper/Installer

2. Complete pre-license training required for Installer and Pumper/Installer licenses by attending the DEQ Initial Installer Certification course offered by Chemeketa Community College.

3. File your Corporation, LLC, Partnership and/or Assumed Business Name with the Secretary of State Corporate Division.  For information to set up your business, click here.

4. Obtain a Sewage Disposal Service Bond for $15,000 for Installer or Pumper/Installer licenses, and $5,000 for Pumper only licenses. Sign the original bond and assure the bond agent or company has affixed the corporate seal of the surety company. The bond company will access the DEQ form to issue the bond, you do not need to print it.

5. For Pumper or Pumper/Installer license applications:

6. Complete the Sewage Disposal Service License Application and submit it with:

  • The original, sealed and signed bond
  • A copy of your installer certification card if applying as an Installer or Pumper/Installer
  • Completed vehicle inspections, copies of disposal letters and the SMP worksheet if applying as a Pumper or Pumper/Installer;
  • The new license fee of $1414.00 (check or money order made out to DEQ). This is for a 3 year license term that begins on the previous July 1.