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​​​​Laws and Rules

Animal Industry General

OAR Division 10 603-010

Livestock Health and Sanitation

OAR Division 11 603-011

Livestock Auction Markets

OAR 603-012

Slaughter Establishments

OAR Division 13 OAR 603-013

Livestock Identification and Theft Prevention

OAR Division 14 603-014

Care of Pet and Captive Animals

OAR Division 15 603-015

Disease Control Generally

ORS Chapter 596

Livestock Auction Markets; Stockyards; Auction Sales

ORS Chapter 599

Dead Animals

ORS Chapter 601

Meat Sellers and Slaughterers

ORS Chapter 603

Brands and Marks; Feedlots

ORS Chapter 604

Livestock Districts; Stock Running at Large

ORS Chapter 607

Fences to Prevent Damage by or to Animals

ORS Chapter 608

Dogs; Exotic Animals; Dealers

ORS Chapter 609

Predatory Animals

ORS Chapter 610

Grades, Standards, and Labels for Feeds, Soil Enhancers and Seeds

ORS Chapter 633