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​​​​Premises identification number (PIN)  

A premises identification number (PIN) is a unique number assigned to only one physical location. The PIN  number links livestock and poultry locations to a national database for better management of emergencies.  

If a producer moves their farm's location, the need to apply for a new PIN.  

Premises IDs are required for producers to order official RFID identification tags directly from manufactures. 

For sheep and goat producers, a premises ID is not the same as a Scrapie/Flock ID. Please see our Scrapie page for more information on Scrapie/Flock IDs 

Benefits to livestock and poultry owners and operators with a national PIN: 

  • ​Allows rapid notifications to livestock and poultry stakeholders during an emergency

  • Helps prepare for animal health and food safety emergencies 

  • Helps in the tracking of animals in an emergency 

  • Allows producers to purchase commercially available 840 ID tags 

  • Maintains or provides greater market access  ​


Premises Registration Application

Premises Registration Application


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