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Traveling with Animals

​​​​​​Traveling Basics 

State and federal regulations regarding the shipment of livestock and other animals across state lines support efforts to prevent, control, or eradicate animal diseases. There are federal guidelines on moving animals across state lines. Each state may have additional requirements to move various animals into that state.  

Animal owners are responsible for complying with regulations when moving animals across state lines. Your local veterinarian may be able to help you with this process.​

​Every animal species entering Oregon has specific requirements. In nearly all cases, animals traveling into Oregon will need at least a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, also called a CVI or health certificate. Only accredited veterinarians can create and issue a CVI for travel into or out of Oregon. For species specific import requirements please visit:

 As of July 20, 2020, an Import Permit will no longer be required for livestock imported into Oregon when accompanied by an Electronic Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, issued by an eCVI system approved by the National Assembly of State Animal Health Officials. The currently approved eCVI systems can be found at the USAHA website. 

All paper CVIs, and eCVIs issued from systems not on the USAHA  this list will still require an Import Permit issued by ODA within 30 days prior to entry. 

Accredited veterinarians can use ODA's Online Import Permit Generator to create import permits for animals moving into Oregon.​

Be aware that airlines may require additional documentation to travel with your pet. If you are flying to Oregon, you should also check with your airline to determine their requirements. ​

​Each state has their own requirements for moving animals. If you are moving animals out of Oregon please contact the destination state to get their requirements for each animal species. You can also find import requirements for most animal species on Interstate Livestock's webpage. 

Your local veterinarian may be able help you with this process. The state veterinarian's office does not issue Certificated of Veterinary Inspection and cannot advise on the import requirements of other states. Please reach out to your local veterinarian, or use the OVMEB's vet search page to find a vet near you.  

Cattle also have brand inspection requirements when leaving Oregon. See ODA's Brands and Livestock ID page​ for more information ​

When traveling through Oregon with pets or livestock to another state where stops are limited to only feeding, watering and resting of pets and livestock, you do not have to obtain a CVI, import permit, or meet other Oregon entry requirements. Please reach out to your destination state to confirm their import requirements.  ​


Import Permit Information

Visit the Oregon online import permit page to obtain a permit. Import permits can only be issued to accredited veterinarians. Contact us for general information regarding import requirements. Oregon online import permit

Interstate Livestock

Interstate Livestock

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