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​​Electronic Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (eCVI)

The Oregon Department of Agriculture provides Oregon Accredited Veterinarians with free access to two eCVI systems. The Oregon Veterinarian Information System (OVIS) is an online application created by ODA to enable the creation of Certificates of Veterinary Inspection as well as Brucellosis Vaccination, Tuberculosis Test, and Official ID reports. 


Animal Health Lab: General Submission Form (2016)

General submission form

Animal Health Lab: Individual Trich Submission Form

Individual Trich form

Animal Health Lab: Multiple Sample Form (2015)

Multiple sample form

Animal Health Lab: Trich Individual Continuation Form

Trich individual continuation form

Animal Health Lab: Trich Pooled Continuation Form

Trich pooled continuation form

Animal Health Lab: Trich Pooled Submission Form

Trich pooled form

Annual Market Permit

Annual Market Permit

Pasture to Pasture Permit Application

Pasture to Pasture Permit Application

Premises Registration Application

Premises Registration Application

Producer RFID tag order form

RFID tag order form

Veterinarian Supplies Order Form

Veterinarian Supplies Order Form


Bovine Trichomoniasis (Trich) in Oregon brochure (2016)

What you need to know about Trich in Oregon and the mandatory test requirements. Trich in Oregon brochure

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