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USDA approved PCR test from preputial scraping inoculated into approved transport media.


$26.00 per sample

$50.00 per pool (5 individual samples - pooled in lab)


Bovine only

Set ​Up Days


Turna​round Time

1-3 days

Sample Handling Protocol:

The ODA Animal Health Lab is now accepting phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) in addition to the Biomed Transit Tubes and InPouches for individual and pooled PCR official testing. Please use one of the following sample handling methods below: 

Method 1: After sample collection, ship samples in transit tube or InPouch overnight so as to arrive at the lab within 48hrs. Samples in PBS must arrive at the lab within 72 hours of collection.
Do not ship on ice - ship at room temperature. 

Method 2: If you are not able to ship samples to the lab within 48 hours (e.g. due to a holiday, weekends, or weather delays), then freeze samples within 48 hours after collection. Frozen samples can be stored at 20ºC. When ready to ship, ship samples overnight on ice in a styrofoam container so they can arrive at the lab below 20ºC.

Incubation is no longer required prior to shipping for any transport media. Incubated samples (24-48 hours at 37ºC) will still be eligible for official testing but is no longer necessary for official testing requirements.

Samples received outside these two methods can still be run as a diagnostic result only and are not considered an official test. Results will not be valid for movement, sale or other regulatory purposes. Remember, do not use expired pouches or transit tubes as they may be rejected by the lab and cannot be used for official testing requirements. We also offer use of our FedEx shipping account to help cut costs. This account should only be used for shipping trich samples to our lab, contact lab: 503-986-4686 for account information.

Colle​ction Protocol

Veterinarian must be certified by ODA to conduct trich testing on Orego​​n bulls. Contact the ​Animal Health Program with questions: 503-986-4680.

The pouches and transit tubes are available from commercial vendors or direct from the manufacturer, Bio-Med Diagnostics Inc.

Trich PCR samples can now be submitted using a 15mL centrifuge tube (screw top) with 3-5mL of phosphate-buffered saline (PBS). Please keep in mind, the container MUST be a 15mL centrifuge tube, and alternate sized sample containers will not be accepted. 

Additional Information

The lab will contact the submitting veterinarian with positive individuals and pools. All positive pools require individual tests for the entire work order and will incur additional charges. Please contact the lab with details or questions on shipping methods. 


Trich sample handling procedures

Sample handling and transport instructions for each of the three transport media options. Trich sample handling procedures

Trich sample submission form

Used for recording laboratory submissions for individual or pooled PCR testing. Attach copies of the second page if additional space is needed. Do not use this form for reporting virgin bulls tagged with Oregon trich tags without laboratory testing. Trich sample submission form

Virgin bull tagging report

Used to report virgin bulls tagged with current year Oregon trich tags. This form should be utilized instead of laboratory submission forms. Virgin bull tagging report







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