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Emergency Preparedness

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Introduction to Animal Emergency Preparedness 

Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) is responsible for the prevention and control of foreign, emerging livestock and production animal diseases and other animal health emergencies. ODA coordinates with the Oregon Department of Emergency Management (OEM) for planning and preparedness to respond to an animal health disease emergency using the ODA Animal Disease Response Plan in the event of an animal disease emergency. ODA coordinates with Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to address zoonotic disease issues, which are diseases that can be transmissible between animals and humans. 


USDA APHIS Animal Health Emergency Management



Animal Health
635 Capitol Street NE
Salem, OR 97301
Phone: 503-986-4680
Fax: 503-986-4734

If you find a sick or dead livestock or poultry, don't touch it, report it!

Oregon State Veterinarian
Animal Health
635 Capitol St NE
Salem, OR 97301
Phone: 503-986-4711
Alt Phone: 1-800-347-7028

​For wildlife, contact:

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Phone: 1-866-968-2600​​