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Veterinarian Resources

​​​​​​​Veterinarian RFID Reader loans 

Oregon Department of Agriculture has several types of RFID readers available to loan to Oregon veterinarians.  

The RFID reader loan program was designed to provide veterinarians an opportunity to evaluate the use of RFID in their clinic and to have access to an RFID reader for occasional or regular large animal work.  

Types of readers available for loans 

  • ​Allflex LPR Handheld Reader 
  • Tru-Test XRS Stick Reader 
  • Agrident AWR300 Handheld Reader 

Long-term RFID reader loans 

ODA has Tru-Test XRS Stick and Allflex LPR Handheld RFID readers available for long term loans for veterinarians that qualify. The long reader RFID reader loan program is designed to allow access to RFID reading devices to veterinarians that do a large amount of regulatory work on food producing animals.  

Qualifications include: 

Work on food producing animals within Oregon 

Large numbers of regulatory documents created for livestock animals 

To apply please fill out the long-term RFID loan application and sign the Equipment Loan Agreement form. Please return the forms to 

Short-term RFID reader loans are available upon request.  

Agrident AWR300 Handheld Reader Loans 

ODA has a limited number of Agrident RFID readers available for distribution to Oregon veterinarians. These readers are distributed on a case by case basis, typically to vets that work at one of Oregon's livestock auction markets.  ​


Long Term RFID Reader Application

RFID Reader Loan Application

RFID Reader Loan Agreement

ADT Long Term Loan Agreement

​​RFID Reader Video Instruction

ODA has created a number of video resources to demonstrate​ the use of various RFID readers

Tru-Test XRS2 Handheld RFID Reader

Allflex LPR Handheld RFID Reader

Allflex eList App

AgriDent AWR300 Handheld RFID Reader


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