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Feed Safety and Pet Food

​​​​​​Licensing facilities and registering feed products

  • All commercial animal feeds must be registered with ODA annually.
  • A facility that is manufacturing, wholesaling, or registering a commercial animal feed must be licensed with ODA annually.
  • Licenses and registrations are for the calendar year (January 1 through December 31). Fees are not prorated.

Producers of food for household dogs, cats, birds, and fishes are not required to register.

A custom feed is a formula that only one end-user receives. Custom feeds are exempt from product registration. However, a feed mill producing custom feeds must be licensed with ODA each year.

A commercial feed is a formula sold to two or more end-users. It must be registered and labeled as a commercial feed.

Commercial feed is defined in ORS 633.006. See the resources section for details.

Facility license

  • If you only wholesale products made and labeled by others, the annual facility license is $150.00.
  • If you are a manufacturer or contract feeder, or if you are registering a product for a manufacturer, the fee is based on tons of product made, sold, or used in Oregon.

Estimated tonnage and annual fee

​Estimated tonnage ​Annual fee
​​​5,000 tons or less ​$150
​5,001 to 10,000 tons ​$300
​10,001 to 20,000 tons ​$450
​20,001 to 30,000 tons ​$600
More than 30,000 tons​​​ ​$750
Out-of-state manufacturers and product registrants

Fee for out-of-state manufacturers is based on total tonnage sold in Oregon. Use chart above.

In-state manufactures, feeders, and product registrants

Fee for in-state manufactures, feeders, and product registrants is based on tonnage made, sold, or used per facility. Use chart above.​

​Feed product registration

Every brand and each formula in the following list must be registered when manufactured, compounded, delivered, distributed, sold, offered, or exposed for sale in Oregon. The registration fee for each brand or formula is $4​​​0.00.

  • Commercial feeds
  • Ingredients for mixing animal feeds
  • Feed additive concentrates
  • Special mixes that are exchanged between industry manufacturers
  • Supplements
  • Premixes

Application process

  1. Print the application
  2. Complete the form
  3. List each product and attach a copy of its product tag or label
  4. Enclose your check for the correct fee
  5. Mail to ODA

Oregon Department of Agriculture
Product registration fee
PO Box 4395, Unit 17
Portland OR 97208-4395

Renew your license online​


Feed Distributor or Manufacturer License & Feed Product Registration

Feed product registration form

Feed Licensing Statute - ORS 633

Grades, Standards and Labels for Feeds, Soil Enhancers and Seeds ORS 633 - Feed licensing



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