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Livestock Identification

​​​​​​Brands are not mandatory in Oregon, however, livestock owners are encouraged to brand. A brand is primary proof of ownership; it serves as a deterrent to theft, and helps inspectors trace missing and stolen livestock.

If a livestock owner elects to brand, the brand must be registered with the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA). 

Regi​ster a new brand

Submit a livestock brand application to ODA and include a $25.00 fee for each species to be branded per location. Please see the register a new brand instructions document for more information.

Anyone interested in a brand on the available brands list may apply for it by submitting the livestock brand application and fee. Be sure to list the file number, along with the design and location, on the application form.

Brand re​newal

Oregon is on a four-year staggered renewal period. The brand design determines the renewal year. Courtesy notices are mailed on October 1st of the renewal year to the last address on file. ODA must be notified of any change of contact information.

You can renew your brand online, using the ODA online renewals system. You will need to create an account if you are a new user. You will also need your brand file number, which can be found in the Oregon Brand Book

Change of brand ownership

Any change of ownership rights to a livestock brand requires a transfer of brand ownership be completed through the ODA Livestock Identification Program.

There are three critical items needed to complete a transfer:

  • Transfer of brand ownership form completed and signed by the current brand owners before a notary public or two disinterested witnesses
  • $25.00 fee per brand location, per animal species
  • Title of brand ownership form (issued by ODA upon receipt of the transfer form and fee) signed by the new brand owners

When a brand owner passes away

  • Oregon law requires a completed transfer of brand ownership within six months of the date of death. (Applies whether the decedent was the sole owner or was one of two or more registered owners.)
  • If the transfer is not completed within six months after death of an owner, the decedent's ownership rights (and in some cases, the ownership rights of the heirs) are terminated.

Oregon brand book

The book contains cattle, horse, and sheep brands registered as of March 25, 2024. The Oregon brand book​ is available for free in a web version or you can purchase a print or CD copy.

  • Paper format, $35.00

If you wish to obtain a paper copy, send a letter of request with your physical address and the fee to the Livestock Identification Program billing address. 


Available Brands

A listing of available brands already in the Brand Registration database, which were never registered. Database of available brands

Livestock Brand Application

The form used to request a new livestock brand. Requires 1) applicant name and address, 2) sketch of proposed brand design, 3) whether for cattle or horses and 4) location (hip, shoulder, etc.). Application for new livestock brand

New Brand Registration Instructions

Instructions for new brand registration

Oregon brand book

The web edition of the Oregon Brand Book contains all currently registered cattle, sheep, and horse brands. This is a large document and may take a while to load. Oregon brand book

Transfer of Brand Ownership

This form is used any time there is a change of registered name(s) on a livestock brand; this could include removal of a name due to death, addition of a name, or change of a business name, etc. Transfer of brand ownership form



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