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Animal Rescue Entities

​​​​​​​​Animal Rescue Entity Record Requirements

​Required Record Information
​​Intake date

​Date the ARE acquired legal custody.
​Source of the animal
​Including name, street address, and telephone number of the person or entity from whom the animal was obtained.
​A description of the animal’s appearance and characteristics at intake 
​Including all unique identification, present age, sex, species, breed type, weight or body condition score, and condition of the animal.
​Photograph of the animal
​Photo taken within 24 hours of intake.
​Each location of the animal
​Each location where the animal was held while in legal custody of the ARE including date, address, name and phone number.  
​Number of offspring
​If applicable, the number of offspring produced while in the AREs legal custody. 
​Manner of disposition
​If applicable, including transfer of legal custody to another ARE or organization, date of disposition, the name, address, and phone number for any person or entity taking legal custody of the animal. 
​Unique identification
​Including but not limited to a microchip, ear tag, leg band, tattoo, brand, or a photograph or written description of distinguishing features.  

Medications, treatments, and vaccinations
​All medications and treatments administered while the animal is in the AREs legal custody. Including type, amount, and date administered. 
​Import Documents: Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) 

​Records where animals are imported from out of state or from an international source must contain copies of certificates of veterinary inspection, proof of Rabies vaccination, and other required documents demonstrating proof that imported animals have met Oregon import requirements as per pertinent provisions in ORS 596 and OAR 603-011.  
Visit​ for species specific import requirements.   

A record of each animal shall be maintained by the Animal Rescue Entity (ARE) for the entire time that the animal is in the legal custody of the ARE and for a minimum of 12 months after the date of disposition or transfer of legal custody of the animal. This document summarizes the rules and is not the official rules. Please refer to Oregon Administrative Rules 603-015-0090 for the full detailed requirements. ​​


ARE Record Requirements

ARE Record Requirements



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