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Feed Safety and Pet Food


Follow the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) labeling guide.

Oregon also requires the following:

  • The manufacturer's phone number
  • A lot number
  • Guarantees for minimum and maximum when, Selenium is over 0.500 ppm
  • Guarantees for sulfur minimum, when in excess of 0.50% in any feed or ingredient
  • Ingredients to be defined by AAFCO or a Food Additive Regulation

ODA does not recognize GRAS self-determination of ingredients. 

Custom feed

A custom mixed feed is a formula sold to only one final consumer. That consumer must be a feeder of animals. Custom mixed feeds are exempt from product registration; however, the feed mill producing custom mixed feeds must obtain a commercial feed license.

Custom feeds are typically labeled on the invoice or delivery ticket. Bags of custom feed need to have a tag on each bag with the required information.

Shipping documents for custom mixed feeds must include the following information:

  • Name and mailing address of the manufacturer
  • Name and address of the purchaser
  • Date of sale or delivery
  • Custom mixed feed name and brand name, if applicable
  • Product name and net quantity of each registered commercial feed and each other ingredient used in the mixture
  • For dairy or swine: the guaranteed analysis as stipulated in OAR 603-058-0130(4)
  • Directions for use and precautionary statements as required by OAR 603-058-0130(6)
  • The statement: "This feed is formulated for (insert name of final consumer). No resale to other users is allowed."
  • If a drug containing product is used
    • Purpose of the medication (claim statement)
    • Established name of each active drug ingredient and the level of each drug used in the final mixture expressed in accordance with OAR 603-058-0130(2) 


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