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Livestock Identification

​​​​Transportation certificates, completed by the livestock owner or his/her agent, permit the movement of cattle within the state of Oregon. An Oregon transportation certificate is not valid for transporting cattle out of the state; contact the brand inspector in your area for a brand inspection.

Oregon transportation certificates may be purchased in books of 50 from ODA for $1.50. You also can download a copy of the certificate or you can create your own form. 

The form must contain the following information:

  • Livestock owner’s name
  • Point of origin of the livestock
  • Destination
  • Number of head and a description of the cattle, including brands, tags, breed, and sex
  • Authorization to transport if it is to be performed by a person other than the owner
  • Signature of the livestock owner or person in legal possession​


Oregon Transportation Certificate

Transportation certificates permit the movement of cattle, completed by the livestock owner, not for use as change of ownership or out of state movement. Oregon Transportation Certificate



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