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Licenses, Registrations, Permits, and Training

​​​Oregon law requires any animal remedy, veterinary biologic, or pharmaceutical to be registered with the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ORS 596.095):

  • Animal remedy means any product used to prevent, inhibit, or cure illness or enhance or protect the health or well-being of animals.
  • An animal remedy does not include food. However, some feeds making health claims (e.g. joint mobility) may need to register with the Veterinary Products Program.
  • The current registration fee is $100.00 per product, per year.


Oregon administrative rules provide an exemption for products that are compounded by Oregon licensed veterinarians for use in their practice (OAR 603-012, sections 2​​10-240).


OAR 603-012: Livestock Auction Markets

Registration of Animal Remedies, Veterinary Biologics and Pharmaceuticals OAR 603-012-210 through 603-210-240

ORS Chapter 596: Disease Control Generally

ORS Chapter 596: Disease Control

Vet Product Registration Application

Vet Product Registration Application


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