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Licenses, Registrations, Permits, and Training

​​​Oregon law requires that all animal remedy products sold in Oregon must be registered with the Oregon Department of Agriculture. The program covers a range of products beyond what is typically considered drugs. 

What products have to register:

Any animal remedy product, including animal remedy, pharmaceutical, or veterinary biologic, offered for sale within the State of Oregon must be registered. Products offered for sale on websites and other e-commerce platforms are included in this requirement, unless the site specifically states "not available for sale in Oregon" and prevents the sale thereof. 

(1) "Product" means an animal remedy, pharmaceutical or veterinary biologic  (OAR 603-012-0210) 

  • Animal remedies means any product used to prevent, inhibit or cure or enhance or protect the health or well-being of animals, but does not include food, surgical instruments or accessories. 
  • Pharmaceuticals include drug products labeled for veterinary/animal use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (NADA number) 
  • Veterinary biologics include biological products licensed for veterinary/animal use by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. 

Who has to register: 

Typically the firm named on the product packaging handles the registration of the product.  Other firms/distributors can register remedy products if they desire. ​

Offered for sale includes websites and other e-commerce platforms unless the site specifically state "not available for sale in Oregon". 


Oregon administrative rules provide an exemption to the license requirement for the following products: 

  • Animal remedy products compounded by Oregon licensed veterinarians for use in the course of their practice. 
  • Animal food if registered with the Department under ORS 633.015. 
  • Dog and cat food licensed under ORS 619.031. 
  • Pesticides with an EPA number on their retail packaging. ​


OAR 603-012: Livestock Auction Markets

Registration of Animal Remedies, Veterinary Biologics and Pharmaceuticals OAR 603-012

ORS Chapter 596: Disease Control Generally

ORS Chapter 596

Vet Product Registration Application

Vet Product Registration Application



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