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​​To request the installation, modification or removal of a traffic signal, please complete

Priority request forms for use by local jurisdictions to allow emergency response vehicles to preempt traffic.

Traffic Signal Approval Letter Archive

Blue Sheets - Prequalified products, and submittals for qualification, of electrical equipment and materials.

Green Sheet - Conditionally prequalified products, and submittals for conditional qualification, of controller equipment.

Blue Sheet Qualification and Specification Information - For use with "blue sheets," per specification 00160.07.

Green Sheet Qualification and Specification Information - For use with "green sheets," per specification 00160.07.

Red Sheets - Certification-exempt traffic management system components for use statewide, pursuant to ORS 479.540 and OAR 918-261-0037.

LED Traffic Signal Specification - Guidance for LED traffic signal head retrofit kits.

Troubleshooting: Downloading PDF files

You may experience issues trying to open a PDF. One possible reason is your browser or device cannot read a fillable or dynamic PDF. Dynamic PDFs include special features, such as expanding fields or the ability to insert a new line or page.

If your device does not support enhanced PDFs, Adobe will return a document beginning with "Please wait…" rather than the desired document. Unfortunately, PDF viewers for mobile devices do not support dynamic PDFs, including Adobe's Reader mobile.

If you get the "please wait…" message, we encourage you to go back to the form and try to open it using an alternative method. Here are some suggestions to help you open the form.

  1. Change browsers to Internet Explorer. IE has a resident Adobe-compatible reader. Google Chrome and other browsers have dropped Adobe from their configuration; adding it back is convoluted.
  2. Save the documents to your desktop and open the documents with the latest version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro (best choice).
  3. Download the file then open in Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro.​

​Projects requiring the installation of new controller cabinets or modification to an existing cabinet require prior approval from the Traffic Standards Unit.

Cabinet prints should be submitted at the Design Acceptance Phase and at each design review milestone. Prints should be completed prior to the preconstruction conference.

​For additional information about cabinet prints, please see chapter 20 of the Signal Design Manual.

Detector/Input File Configuration for 332S and 332 Cabinet Prints

Print 332S - Standard controller cabinet used in new traffic signal installation, both permanent and temporary.

Print 332 - The most common existing controller cabinet.

Print 332S SDLC

Print 332 SDLC

Print 336S - This controller cabinet should no longer be used for new installations, permanent or temporary.

Print 334 Ramp Meter Cabinet - This cabinet is typically used for ramp meter installations. It is also used for vehicle activated warning systems.

Print 334 Count Cabinet - This cabinet configuration is intended for traffic counting stations only.

Print 334 SDLC

Print 334 TRAWS

Print 334 TRAWS SDLC

​​Search for and download approved traffic plans (signs, signals and illumination) in ODOT's drawing archive.

Review the "Getting Started" guide to help you better navigate the system.

Please note: Drawings found in the archive database should only be used for reference as standards change over time. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that submitted plans are compliant with current specifications and standards.

Contact the Traffic Standards Unit

4040 Fairview Industrial Drive, MS 5
Salem, Oregon 97302
Fax: 503-986-3749

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