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Equitable Engagement Compensation Program

What is the Equitable Engagement Payment Program?

One of the most significant barriers to community participation and feedback is unpaid time for participation in an activity. The Equitable Engagement Compensation Program, or EECP, pays participants for their time spent in engagement activities with ODOT such as, but not limited to:
  • Advisory committees
  • Focus groups
  • Workshops
  • Evaluation panels
We pay $20-30 per hour via prepaid cash card for scheduled time to participate. The engagement activities are based on specific geographic areas and the project that exists or will exist there. Payments are administered by the project manager.

Payments come in three different forms based on frequency of the engagement activity with community members: 

  • Incentives are for an engagement activity that occurs once, like a focus group. Participants will receive a one-time payment.
  • Stipends are for engagement activities that occur at least twice or more, like advisory committees. Participants will receive payment for each activity they engaged and completed.
  • Community Engagement Contracts are contracts between ODOT and an individual or a community-based organization for specific deliverables. 


The Historic Columbia River Highway Advisory Committee and project collaborative partners hold the new sign to be installed.

Why is ODOT using the EECP?

For many people, it costs time and money to engage with ODOT. They may have to take time off of work, there may be travel and sometimes even child care expenses. Unfortunately, this means we don’t hear from people and communities impacted by our work.

We recognize the need to offer payment to Oregonians whom may not be able to provide ODOT feedback without being paid. We believe this will help minimize economic barriers and increase the voices of all people in communities impacted by our work. Participation from multiple and diverse communities leads ODOT to make better informed and equitable decisions

How can you participate?

The best way to join the conversation is to find ODOT engagement activities near you:

Who cannot participate in the EECP?

  • People who are already being paid by another organization or company to join our engagement activity.
  • Open houses and public meetings are critical to ODOT engaging with communities. However, because the meeting itself is for the general public, it does not qualify for payment via the EECP.
(That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate in our open houses! We still want your feedback.)