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Oral Health Integration Overview

Oral health is an important part of overall health. It can reflect health or disease that may be present in the rest of the body. In addition, oral health complications can worsen health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes. The impacts of poor oral health can contribute to chronic pain, missed school days, and inappropriate use of emergency departments.

The Oregon Health Authority is working to achieve better health, better care and lower costs for all Oregonians. Oregon’s health system transformation efforts have focused on preventive care, treating the whole person and care coordination among providers. Oral health is a key part of this equation, and OHA is working to ensure good oral health for all Oregonians.

Technical assistance opportunities

The Transformation Center is offering each CCO up to 10 hours of oral and physical health and/or behavioral health integration technical assistance, focused on one topic area. All requests must be submitted to the Transformation Center by May 15, 2018, with technical assistance hours completed by November 30, 2018. See request form.

Reports and resources

Environmental scan and toolkit

An environmental scan was conducted of local and national efforts toward oral health integration, including extensive interviews to assess current transformation efforts. The report below includes recommendations for strategic approaches to further integration, and the oral health toolkit includes resources for supporting oral health integration in Oregon.

Member and provider materials

The Transformation Center coordinated the development of messages and materials to increase awareness among Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members and their providers on the importance of preventive dental care and to encourage members to use their dental benefits. The goal of these materials is to help members and their providers understand that:
  • Dental health is a key component of overall health and well-being
  • OHP members have dental coverage and what their benefits are
  • How OHP members can access dental care
OHP dental care brochures OHP dental care posters

To see additional OHA oral health initiatives, see the Oral Health Policy page.


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