Veterinarian Resources

The Oregon Veterinarian Information System (OVIS) is a web-based system developed to provide Oregon accredited veterinarians online access to create regulatory documents and participate in disease surveillance activities.

OVIS provides the following modules: 

  • Oregon Equine Six-Month Certificate of Veterinary Inspection
  • Oregon Equine Six-Month Activation Permits
  • Oregon Certificates of Veterinary Inspection 
  • Brucellosis Vaccination Report
  • Tuberculosis Vaccination Report
  • Official Identification Report
  • ODA Veterinarian Supplies Orders​

Oregon Veterinarian Information System (OVIS)

Oregon Veterinarian Information System online

OVIS: Quick start guide

OVIS quick start guide

Spreadsheet template for importing animals into OVIS

Spreadsheet template for OVIS import

Video instruction

Getting started

Six-month equine passports

Animal movement

Animal disease traceability



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