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ACEC-ODOT Partnership

Established in 2005, the working relationship between the American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon and the Oregon Department of Transportation was established to address:

  • The mutual understanding of the working relationship between the two organizations.
  • Partner communications and collaboration protocols.
  • Issue identification, tracking, and resolution.

The partnership is comprised of two primary committees: the Steering Committee and the Liaison Committee. Standing committees are used to address specific work assignments and subject matters.

Liaison Committee

Meeting Schedule and Materials

Committee Contacts


The Liaison Committee is charged with the management of the partnership and its committees. It serves as the communications hub and works to manage identified issues and prioritize work tasks.

Steering Committee

Meeting Schedule and Materials

Committee Contacts

Committee Charter


The Steering Committee is charged with providing collaborative guidance and oversight of the partnership, including management of communications and the decision-making structure.

Standing Committees

ACEC-ODOT standing committee undertake specific work assignments through a work planning process in agreement with the Liaison and Steering committees.

Each standing committee is comprised of six to eight members, with an ACEC and ODOT co-chair.

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