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Hazardous Waste Reporting System

Your DEQ OnlineYour DEQ Online is an important and exciting upgrade to the way we do business, both internally and with the public. A large number of DEQ's regulatory programs are moving online as part of this effort, including permit submittal, fee submittal and other payments, reporting, inspections, enforcement, complaints, and public records. Our goals are to streamline our processes, make them even more accessible to our stakeholders and the public and, ultimately, make it easier to work with DEQ.
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Purpose of Your DEQ Online

DEQ transitioned its hazardous waste reporting and payments to a new online system called Your DEQ Online. 

All small and large quantity hazardous waste generators are required to submit an annual report to DEQ. The report is due March 1st of every year and provides information on activities of the previous calendar year. In late December of every year a letter is mailed to remind small and large quantity generators of this reporting requirement. 

Registered Very Small Quantity Generators or Conditionally Exempt Generators will not receive an annual reminder letter because VSQGs are not required to submit an annual report unless there has been a change in generator status or site information. If your company's generator status goes above the VSQG limit in any one month an annual report is due for that calendar year.

All registered generators will use YDO throughout the year to report business closures, update site contact information, pay invoices, report a change in generator status or submit the annual report. 

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Getting started with annual reporting 
Hazardous waste reporters will have read-only access to through April 2022. Generators are able to view, print or save PDFs of their Site ID forms and GM waste streams. You can also export GM, WR and OI data and save as a text file for use in YDO or save the text files to the MS Excel template provided below:

Additional reporting information


If you need additional information or assistance, contact:

Annual Report Hotline 

You can also email your questions to

Reporting codes 

Used on the Waste Generation and Management Form

EPA e-Manifest

launched in June 2018.