Hazardous Waste

Purpose of HazWaste.net

HazWaste.net is DEQ’s online system for submitting the annual hazardous waste report. All small and large quantity hazardous waste generators are required to submit an annual report to DEQ. The report is due March 1st of every year and provides information on activities of the previous calendar year. In late December of every year a letter is mailed to remind small and large quantity generators of this reporting requirement.

We encourage you to use HazWaste.net as a management tool to track waste shipments and to compare to your prior year’s shipments. You’ll find helpful hints plus validation checks to help identify and correct errors before your data is submitted to DEQ.

Registered Conditionally Exempt Generators will not receive an annual reminder letter because CEGs are not required to submit an annual report unless there has been a change in generator status or site information. If your company’s generator status goes above the CEG limit in any one month an annual report is due for that calendar year.

All registered generators can use HazWaste.net throughout the year to report business closures, to update site contact information, or to report a change in generator status.

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Additional reporting information


If you need additional information or assistance, please contact the

Annual Report Hotline 

You can also email your questions to hazwaste@deq.state.or.us.

Reporting Codes 

Used on the Waste Generation and Management Form

EPA e-Manifest

will launch in June 2018