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Toxics Use and Hazardous Waste Reduction

Oregon’s Toxics Use and Hazardous Waste Reduction Act of 1989 was one of the first laws in the nation to mandate pollution prevention planning. The law was most recently revised in 2005.

Three groups of businesses must comply with this law:

Notice: Conditionally-exempt small quantity generators may, but are not required to, join the Toxics Use and Hazardous Waste Reduction program.

For businesses that must comply, there are four major requirements:

TUHWR Reporting - Login to Your DEQ Online

​​​You can either develop a Reduction Plan or an EMS that is ISO 14001-certified or equivalent – your choice. Please do not submit your Plan or EMS to DEQ unless you have made prior arrangement with DEQ staff.

  • TUHWR plan template 
    An easy-to-follow outline for businesses developing a plan for the first time.
  • Top 10 elements in an EMS 
    Checklist of 10 essential elements to have in an ISO 14001-certified or equivalent EMS. Note: An EMS does not require certification to be valid under Oregon TUHWR law.

​After completing a Plan or EMS within 120 days of receiving the official e-mail from DEQ to start the process, you need to LOG IN to the reporting system and submit an electronic Notice of Plan or EMS form.

​​A year after the Notice of Plan or EMS is due, you must LOG INTO Your DEQ Online and submit the first Implementation Summary. The Second Implementation Summary is due a year later.

​​The law requires businesses to keep the Reduction Plan or EMS current and on site. DEQ recommends revisiting the Reduction Plan or EMS annually to ensure it is current. If your business has made additional reductions, you may LOG IN and submit a Supplemental Implementation Summary.

  • TUHWR compliance checklist 
    Easy-to-use checklist to verify compliance with the TUHWR Program requirements. Excellent tool for businesses new to the program and for those with well-established toxics use and hazardous waste reduction programs!



General TUHWR Program questions.
  • Mary Fritzmann
For help developing a plan, completing an implementation summary or getting on-site assistance, visit our Technical Assistance page.

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