Hazardous Waste

Government regulations and protecting the environment​ ​

piles of carsAn auto dismantler is anyone who takes apart motor vehicles. This often includes recovering, rebuilding, reselling or recycling parts from worn out or damaged vehicles.
Auto dismantlers must evaluate what regulations apply to their business and obtain the necessary land use approvals and permits before beginning operations. 
Coming in 2020
Recent passage of Senate Bill 792 impacts DMV Auto-Dismantler license holders in waste tire management. Effective Jan. 1, 2020, a DEQ waste tire storage permit is required if a facility holds more than 100 waste tires (Oregon Revised Statute 459.715). A waste tire storage permit application is found herePlease contact DEQ if you need assistance related to this change.

How to meet requirements

Information on how to prevent environmental pollution and comply with government regulations:

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