AQ Programs

Standard Rebate
Charge Ahead Rebate
​Eligible applicants:
Eligible applicants:

Individual Oregon residents, Oregon businesses, Oregon non-profit organizations, and Oregon government agencies
Eligible applicants:
Individual Oregon residents
Qualifying vehicles:
Qualifying vehicles:
New battery electric vehicles and new plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
Qualifying vehicles:
New or used battery electric vehicles only

(No plug-in hybrids are eligible)

​Income requirement: ​No income requirement Income requirement
​List of vehicles eligible for the Standard Rebate ​List of vehicles eligible for the Charge Ahead Rebate
​Rebate amount:
Rebate amounts:
$1500 for EV with less than 10kWh battery capacity
$2500 for EV with at least 10kWh battery capacity
Rebate amount:
*Some applicants may be eligible for both the Standard Rebate and the Charge Ahead Rebate.