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UST System Operator Training Program

Current training rules (340-150-0210) became effective on Aug. 8, 2009 as required by the federal 2005 Energy Policy Act. The act requires training for three classes of operators, including:
  • Class A Operator - Persons having primary responsibility for on-site operation and maintenance of UST systems.
  • Class B Operator - Persons having daily on-site responsibility for the operation and maintenance of UST systems.
  • Class C Operator - Daily, on-site employees having primary responsibility for addressing emergencies presented by a spill or release from an UST system (e.g., fueling attendants).
OAR 340-150-0210 requires that each regulated UST facility must employ Class A, Class B and Class C operators who can properly operate and maintain the UST system and respond to events indicating emergency conditions and alarms caused by spills or releases from the UST system.

An owner and permittee must designate their Class A, Class B and Class C operators and require that those operators complete a training option under 340-150-0210(5). Class A and Class B operators must receive training within 90 days of designation unless the individual has previously completed a training option under the “old” rules (340-150-0200(5)) and can provide verification of the training completion consistent with OAR 340-150-0200)6)(a). Class A and B operators must provide training to Class C operators per OAR 340-150-0210(6). As required under current training rules, Class C operators (e.g., facility attendants) must be trained before dispensing a regulated substance or assuming responsibility for responding to emergencies.

New and previously trained operators can be designated as one, two or all three classes of operators (Class A, Class B and Class C). Training for all three classes of operators will be verified at the time of inspection. Written verification of training completion for Class A, B and C operators must be kept at the facility or readily available upon request and include: the UST operator’s name, the date training was completed, and the name, site address and DEQ’s facility identification number for the UST facility that the UST operator serves.

Options for training include attending a training session sponsored by a training vendor listed below or successfully passing an examination offered by a national testing service.

International Code Council's National UST Operator Examination

You may take the International Code Council's national UST System Operator examination administered by Pearson Vue, a professional testing company. Upon successfully passing the examination, submit a copy of your score report, along with your phone number, to:
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality - Land Quality
Attn: Dave Pardue
700 NE Multnomah Street, Suite 600
Portland, OR 97232
DEQ will then send you a copy of the training manual that covers Oregon-specific UST rules and regulations. After submitting an affidavit stating that you have read and understood the manual, you would then be in compliance with the training requirement.

If you choose to take the national operator test, contact ICC at 1-888-422-7233 ext 33823 to request a free Candidate Bulletin.

The cost to take the examination is $120. Please contact Dave Pardue, UST Program Coordinator, 503-360-4287, toll-free in Oregon at 1-800-742-7878.