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Rules, Regulations and Enforcement

The Underground Storage Tank Program is concerned with underground storage tanks that are regulated under Federal law, typically those found at gas stations or connected to emergency generators. Home heating oil tanks are not included in this program. The federal regulations, Oregon statutes and Oregon administrative rules that apply to regulated tanks in Oregon are found below.

  • UST compliance refers to the status of a permitted UST system relative to its conditional agreement with, or in violation of, any given rules, regulations, or statutes implemented by Oregon DEQ or federal Law. 
  • UST enforcement refers to the process by which any persons responsible for a UST system are held accountable in the event that an UST system is determined to be in violation and therefor out of compliance. 

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Oregon Revised Statute

  • ORS Chapter 466 - Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials II
  • Sections 466.706 to 466.845, 466.994 and 466.995

Federal law 

Oregon Administrative Rules

  • Division 12 - Enforcement Procedures and Civil Penalties
  • Division 150 - Underground Storage Tank Rules
  • Division 151 - Financial Responsibility for USTs


  • Code of Federal Regulations - Regulations and Standards Related to UST
    The federal list of Hazardous Substances Adopted Pursuant to Section 101(14) of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act is found in 40 CFR Part 302.4.


Underground Storage Tanks Helpline

Phone: 503-229-6652
Toll-Free in Oregon: 800-742-7878