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Records, Operating Certificates and Facility Lists

For access to files pertaining to UST facilities in Oregon that were completely decommissioned before 2016, you must file a public records request using the Public Records Request Center

Searchable facility summary information 

Search by Facility ID#

You must enter the DEQ UST Facility ID#. You can look it up in the Facilities by Zip list below, or, if you have an operating certificate number, it is the second number in the string. For example, in the operating certificate number 1-9748-2021-OPER , the facility ID# is 9748.

Operating certificates

Facilities lists

These lists are updated and posted quarterly. Each list is available as a PDF or a file for importing into database or spreadsheet software.

The UST Cleanup List is a listing of all sites with reported releases of petroleum products from regulated underground storage tanks, unregulated USTs, and home heating oil tanks.  The "Date Fields"  or columns are slightly different from past reports - CLEANUP END DATE has been replaced with RECEIVED DATE.

UST Cleanup Site List:
PDF  |   TXT

This TXT Tab-deliminated version should be opened with Notepad, or "imported" in to Excel. Do not initially open with Excel (this will cause some of the Log Numbers to be converted to dates).

When you examine the file, the first entry on each line is an eight-digit site Log Number that may look something like this: 15-99-0067.
  • The first two digits of the number stand for the county in which the release occurred;
  • The next two digits represent the year in which the release was reported; and
  • The last four digits represent the number of the release for that given year.
  • In the example above the log number stands for the 67th release to be reported in Jackson County (county 15) in 1999.
Note: Due to the length of each line of data in these files, in order to print the files in a useful format we recommend that you use landscape mode, and you may also have to use small margins (0.5 inch or less) and a small font (6-8 pt.). The list is approximately 500+ pages in length.

For the most up-to-date information, see the online Leaking Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Site Database. To see what cleanups are going on in your neighborhood, please refer to DEQ's Facility Profiler (Note: The Facility Profiler is not limited to UST cleanup sites.)

The UST Facilities by ZIP Code List is compiled of all underground storage tank facilities in Oregon. The list contains the following information: Facility ID, Name, Location, City, Zip, Phone Number, Permittee, Total Number of Tanks, Number of Active Tanks, Number of Decommissioned Tanks, and Number of Permitted Tanks.

UST Facilities by ZIP Code:

The UST Facilities with Operating Certificates Allowing Fuel Deliveries list contains the following information: County, Zip, Facility Name, Facility Address, City, and State. The list also contains the General Permit Operating Certificate Number that authorizes the facility to deposit regulated substances, such as motor fuels, into the new or upgraded tanks. These operating certificate numbers are also important to fuel distributors, since distributors are subject to enforcement action for delivering fuel to a facility without an operating certificate.

Please note that this list will change over time as new facilities are issued operating certificates and existing facilities close and are removed from the database.

UST Facilities With Operating Certificates Allowing Fuel Deliveries: 

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