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License Information

In 1989, DEQ adopted rules to provide for the regulation of companies and individuals performing services for regulated underground storage tanks systems. In March 2000, additional rules were adopted specifically for individuals and companies performing services for underground heating oil tanks.


Effective Jan. 1, 2020

Report filing fees

Clean Decommissioning: $100/project
Cleanup Report:
Tiered based on project type:
  1. Soil matrix (Simple): $250
  2. Generic Remedy (Intermediate): $350
  3. Risk-based (Complex): $450

Licensure fees

Service Provider License
  • Year 2020 - $800/yr
  • Year 2021 - $900/yr
  • Year 2022 - $1000/yr
Service Provider Supervisor License: $100/year

Information for service providers and supervisors 

Heating Oil Tank Licensing Program forms     

Report Forms for HOT Service Providers

HOT Supervisor examination and license

Effective March 15, 2000, individuals who supervise work at heating oil tank cleanup and voluntary decommissioning projects are required to be licensed by DEQ. This is a new license category and requires that a HOT examination be taken and passed before issuance of the HOT Supervisor License. The new license does NOT authorize the performance of supervisory services for regulated tanks.
The "Oregon HOT Supervisor" examination is given by the International Code Council. The Dec. 18, 2009 ICC UST/AST Examination Information bulletin contains information about the examination, including scheduling instructions, computer based testing services, test locations and sample questions. The fee for the exam is $75, which must be paid by cashier’s check, money order, or government check at the exam center or by credit card at the time you make your reservations or up to three days before the date of the exam. To request a copy of this bulletin, call ICC at 1-888-422-7233 x33823, or visit their web site.

Studying for the examination

Test questions have been derived from the following references:

In addition:

  • API 1604 "Removal and Disposal of Used USTs" is available from API by calling 202-682-8000.
  • EPA/910/B-92/001 "EPA Health and Safety Training Manual for UST Inspectors Students Guide" is available from the International Code Council by calling 1-800-284-4406.

Applying for a HOT Supervisor License

Once you pass the examination, you must complete a HOT Supervisor License Application from DEQ.
  • Supervisor License Application
    The application and a copy of your exam score report must be submitted to DEQ with the $200 license fee within 30 days of passing the examination. Once your application is approved, you will be issued a license in writing within one to two weeks. The new license is valid for 24 months.


For additional information about supervisor licensing requirements, call toll-free in Oregon 1-800-742-7878 or 503-229-6652.