Notification requirements summary

  • Step 1: UST Decommissioning/Change-in-Service 30-day Notice Form must be submitted to your local DEQ regional office a minimum of 30 days before starting any decommissioning work.
  • Step 2: Telephone Notification Before Starting Decommissioning Work
    Must call your local DEQ regional office 3 days before starting any decommissioning work.
  • Step 3: UST Decommissioning Checklist and Site Assessment Report
    Must be submitted to your local DEQ regional office within 30 days after completion of the decommissioning or change-in-service.

Note: Decommissioning is not complete until forms are received at your local DEQ regional office.


The tank status will remain active and the annual $135 UST permit fee must be paid until both forms are received.

Submit both forms to your DEQ regional office.