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Petroleum Release Reporting

Starting April 3, 2024, use Your DEQ Online to report releases using the “LUST - Report Release from Regulated, Unregulated, or HOT UST Systems” submittal. To do so, you must first establish a Responsible Official user account. See detailed instructions for Your DEQ Online account registration.

As of April 3, 2024, the system Online Petroleum Release Reporting has been replaced by Your DEQ Online

  1. To report a release you must have a Your DEQ Online Responsible Official account. Your DEQ Online account registration.
  2. In your YDO account link to the “Leaking Underground Storage Tank" Submittal Group. Then select  the LUST - Report Release from Regulated, Unregulated, or HOT UST System submittal.
  3. See the User Guide and Program Resources page to see instructions on how complete your submittal.
  4. Once DEQ processes your submittal you will be contacted with next steps.

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks 

OAR 340-150-0500 (1) requires owners and permittees of UST systems to report suspected releases to the department.

An owner and permittee of an UST system must notify DEQ within 24 hours, or another reasonable period allowed by DEQ. 

OAR 340-160-0020 (9) requires a licensed UST service provider to report a release to the department within 72 hours if the owner or permittee does not.  

Heating Oil Tanks 

OAR 340-177-0055 (1) requires that within 72 hours after a confirmed release of petroleum from an underground heating oil tank is identified, the licensed service provider or supervisor must report the release.​

Submittals include permit, license or certification applications, renewals, or reporting obligations. If you need additional support to submit a release report to DEQ, find detailed user guides with step-by-step instructions on the Your DEQ Online Program Resources page

You may also request assistance through the Your DEQ Online Help Desk.