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General Program Information

The Leaking Underground Storage Tank Program handles issues related to:

  • Cleanup of soil and groundwater contamination from spills and releases from regulated underground storage tanks.
  • Contractors working on cleanup of soil and groundwater contamination at Leaking Underground Storage Tank sites.
  • Enforcement of State and Federal Leaking Underground Storage Tank rules. 

Forms and reports

Leaking UST cleanup laws and regulations

Oregon Revised Statutes

  • ORS Chapter 465 - Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials I
    Sections 465.200 to 465.455 and 465.900 
  • ORS Chapter 466 - Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials II
    Sections 466.706 to 466.845, 466.994 and 466.995

Oregon Administrative Rules

  • Division 12 - Enforcement Procedures and Civil Penalties
  • Division 122 - Hazardous Substance Remedial Action Rules
    Cleanup Rules for Leaking Petroleum UST Systems OAR 340-122-0205 to 340-122-0360

Federal laws and regulations


For more information, email the Leaking Underground Storage Tank program or call 503-229-5696.