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How to Search for UST Records

Searchable Facility Summary Information 

You must enter the DEQ UST Facility ID#. You can look it up in the Facilities by Zip list, or, if you have an operating certificate number, it is the second number in the string. For example, in the operating certificate number 1-9748-2021-OPER, the facility ID# is 9748.

To Obtain Records

DEQ has digitized Tanks program records so that they are available to the public online and without charge. 

Navigate to Oregon Records Management System website.


Select "Department of Environmental Quality, Underground Storage Tanks" under SELECT JURISDICTION


To find records by address, choose “Any Word" in the first drop down menu below “SEARCH BY"


and enter the address into the box next to it that says “Equal To"

Note: you must use asterisks on either side as wildcards!

Click the Search button.

You may also search by facility name, facility ID number or county. The facility name listed is the one current as of July 2021. Older facility names may not show up in the search.

You will see a list of matching records:


Click on the one you want. 


Click the View/Download button.