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The Importance of Culture in Job Seeking

Most of us have been there before—navigating the tedious task of job hunting, whether out of necessity or because we simply need a change of pace. Sometimes we might not even be looking when all of a sudden that perfect opportunity just falls from the sky. But before you hit that “apply” button on what you may think is your dream job, pause for a moment to consider the company or organization’s culture and how you envision yourself fitting in. Continue reading about The Importance of Culture in Job Seeking.

Headline: Networking and Bookshelves (how to build your library of professional contacts) by Molly Anderson

Networking & Bookshelves

If you’re anything like me, you have a bookshelf at home filled with your personal favorites. Poetry, cooking, fantasy, history, health, science fiction, the list goes on for miles—we all have books that we love and refer back to time and time again. 

If you truly are like me, the mention of professional networking incites feelings of discomfort similar to how you feel when you forget your wallet at the grocery store. Reaching out to a stranger and setting up a meeting just to talk? No way. Continue reading Networking and Bookshelves.

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 The Leadership Lifestyle

Who do you consider to be a role model or inspiration? Most likely, at least one person immediately comes to mind as you reflect on who has influence in your life. Whether it is a family member, friend, teacher, author, political leader, co-worker, or even someone who you are mentoring or coaching, we all have people in our lives that encourage and inspire us to put forth our best effort. Continue reading The Leadership Lifestyle.