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Grants and Funding Resources

  • State School Fund: School District and ESD payment statements

    Current State School Fund statements

  • The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

    ESEA has been the major Federal funding mandate for public schools. This page will be updated periodically, as these programs transition to ESSA.

  • Oregon's Integrated Systems (ORIS)

    ODE has developed a high-level needs assessment of evidence-based practices to drive the development of district and school improvement initiatives. Oregon’s Integrated Systems (ORIS) Framework provides education leaders a tool to review the health and effectiveness of various systems within the school district and school. By aligning a robust review of state and local data with a deep dive into the ORIS Domains, continuous improvement plans can be enhanced to truly improve outcomes for students and provides a streamlined process for aligning resources and investments.

    A key facet of the continuous improvement process is monitoring the implementation of the strategies and approaches selected and making necessary adjustments to ensure these activities are making a difference in improving outcomes for Oregon’s learners.

  • Oregon Mentoring Program

    The Oregon Beginning Teacher and Administrator Mentorship Program was established in 2007 through the passage of HB 2574. In 2015 the Oregon Legislature continued funding for the Oregon Mentorship Program through The Network for Quality Teaching and Learning (HB 3233). The grant program is designed to support evidence-based mentorship programs for beginning teachers and administrators.

  • ODE Reports
  • CTE Federally Funded Initiatives
  • CTE State Funded Initiatives
  • Oregon Accelerated College Credit Program Grant
  • K-12 School Funding Information

    Facility Grant, Small High School Grant, Common School Fund, High Cost Disability Grant, School Construction Excise tax information, Net operating expenditures, December to June ratios.

  • Financial Budgeting and Accounting

    School Finance, Data and Analysis executive memoranda.

  • Oregon's AP/IB Programs Test Fee Program

    The Oregon Advanced Placement Programs help students, in low-income situations, participate in rigorous academic coursework that will increase their opportunities and get a head start into college. These programs are important tools for closing Oregon's achievement gap.

  • Post Graduate Scholar Programs

    The Post Graduate Scholar Program is a safety net for high school students who have earned a high school diploma, earned below a 2.5 GPA (thus not eligible for Oregon Promise), and are ineligible for the PELL Grant or the grant does not cover one year of college tuition and fees.

  • Oregon Charter School Program

    The Oregon Department of Education received an $8.79 million federal grant to increase the quality of public charter schools in our state between 2015-2018. This grant is designed to support newer public charter schools in Oregon and disseminate best practices from effective charter schools to the rest of the public education system. Funds will be used to support training and professional development for all subgrantees in culturally responsive education practices, reduce systemic educational inequities, and promote collaboration and partnership with non-charter public schools.

  • Outdoor School Grant

    Select the link above to review frequently asked questions and how the OSU Extension works in collaboration with schools, partners, and communities to launch the statewide Outdoor School program.

  • Regional Promise Grant
  • School Improvement Grants (SIG)

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