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Home Schooling in Oregon

Home Schooling is an educational option in Oregon. Families who choose to home school children in their care must do the following items, pursuant to Oregon Administrative Rule 581-021-0026:

  1. Notify the local Education Service District (ESD) of intent to home school (ESD Homeschool Websites) within 10 days of withdrawing from public or private school
  2. Coordinate with Home School Tester(s) to assess student growth at the end of grade levels 3, 5, 8, and 10 (testing begins 18 months after notification)
  3. Submit test results to local ESD when requested

For more information, please see the Questions and Answers section below.

  • ​​Alternative Education

    A variety of private and public alternative schools and programs are evolving to support Oregon's commitment to help students achieve high academic and career-related standards and to pursue their individual goals and interests.

  • Charter Schools​

    A charter school is a public school operated by a group of parents, teachers, and/or community members as a school of choice within a school district.

Please take time to review the Questions & Answers, and Laws, Data and Resources pages before requesting additional information on home schooling.


Curriculum and assignments are not provided by the State, however, testing is required at grades 3, 5, 8 and 10. Please visit the State Standards webpage which ​states the grade level expectations for what public school students a​re expected to be able to know and be able to do by graduation. Your local ESD, district or public school may also be able to provide additional resources to support your child.​

How do I become an approved homeschool Tester?

A "qualified person" is an indiv​idual who:

  1. ​​Holds a current personnel service license or teaching license from Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission; or
  2. Has been licensed by the Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners; or
  3. Has met the publisher's qualifications for purchase, and has purchased at least one of the approved tests; or
  4. Provides evidence of satisfactory completion of a graduate course in which test administration and interpretation is included in the objective; or
  5. Has previously qualified as an Oregon home school tester, and has during the previous year administered at least one of the approved tests.

For example, if you have a current Oregon personnel service or teaching license, then you would send a copy of your license with your request. If you qualify because you have met the publisher’s qualifications for purchase and purchased at least one of the approved tests, you would submit evidence that the publisher has approved you and evidence of the test you purchased.

To express interest in become a home school tester, please contact Annie Marges, 503-934-0787. Once on the list, you will be sent an update form each year and asked to return it by April 1st. If the form is not returned, your name will be removed from the list and you will have to re-apply.

  • HS Tester Contact List

    This list is updated as testers provide new contact information to the ODE Home School Staff. Please take a moment to make sure your information is current. If you need to make changes, please contact Annie Marges at 503-934-0787.

Families must notify their local Education Service District (ESD) of their intent to home school within ten days of withdrawal from public school (or at the start of first grade). Most ESDs have a notification form on their Home School website; please find your local ESD and their Home School website in the list below.

ESD Home School web pages also can provide valuable information in your Home Schooling experience.

For more information on this topic, email Annie Marges or call (503) 934-0787.

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