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Broadband Connectivity

Broadband Connectivity

Supporting ODE's vision of "Every student will have access to and benefit from a world-class, well-rounded, and equitable educational system," by promoting equitable access to digital devices and internet connectivity.

E-Rate Program

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State E-Rate Coordinator Contact:

Jen Thul -

Connecting Oregon Schools Fund

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Connecting Oregon Schools Fund Coordinator Contact:

Kaylen Dinsmore -

Broadband Updates

  • Join the Oregon E-Rate Mailing List! Get the latest information surrounding broadcast connectivity and resources for the State of Oregon. Including: Weekly E-Rate program updates and specific guidance on issues that affect Oregon applicants, state match program, additional funding resources, training and collaborating opportunities, and other broadband adjacent information.
  • CIPA - Children's Internet Protection Act

  • The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) went into effect in 2001, placing restrictions on funding for several federal programs, including E-Rate. These restrictions require that to obtain funding for computers, internet access, and related services, - applicants must certify they have internet safety policies and technology protection measures in place. Visit the Children's Internet Protection Act website for further information.

Additional Resources

Broadband Connectivity 

Oregon Broadband Office

For further information surrounding state  broadband infrastructure funding and projects. The Oregon Broadband Office promotes access to broadband services for all Oregonians.

Faster Internet Oregon

Help Oregon get connected! Test your internet speed at Faster Internet Oregon. It is an initiative that gathers and maps real broadband coverage in your community so that decision-makers have the information they need to make fast, affordable Internet available for everyone.

State Library of Oregon’s E-Rate Program

Resource for Oregon Libraries to obtain affordable broadband services.

Link Oregon

Non-Profit organization that seeks to enhance research, education, healthcare, and access to public services and information across the state by supporting K-12 and higher education, university research, libraries, public healthcare organizations, Tribal facilities and other public and non-profit organizations state wide.

Digital Learning Resources

Well-Rounded Access Program

Supports districts across the state , by providing students with access to high quality courses in the arts and more fully realize STEAM education. Course options will be accessible to students through a combination of in-person, online, and distance learning formats.

Oregon Open Learning 

Provides open educational resources, including Oregon Open Learning Hub, where resources are curated and created for and by Oregon Educators.

Remote Learning 

Information about ODE’s work to ensure high-quality, equitable opportunities and outcomes for students in remote learning models throughout Oregon.