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Copyrights and Copyright Permissions

The Oregon Department of Education produces a multitude of documents to help Oregon's educators better prepare students for adulthood. We therefore encourage Oregon educators to freely reproduce, for the purposes of professional development or classroom instruction, any document created by the department.

Because our publications are produced at taxpayer expense, they are copyrighted. The unauthorized use by anyone, other than an Oregon educator, of any publication produced by the Oregon Department of Education is strictly prohibited. While we do encourage the use of our publications and excerpts from them for educational purposes both within and outside of Oregon (including their use in textbooks, research papers, etc.), we do not permit the use of our publications, any of their contents, or any other copyrighted materials on a for-profit basis.

All requests for copyright permissions must be made in writing. For legal reasons, we will not consider requests made by telephone, fax, e-mail or in person. To simplify the authorization process, please send a letter of request on your organization's letterhead, along with a completed copy of the department's Copyright Permission Request Form, to the address at the bottom of this page. Please be as descriptive as possible about the resource(s) you wish to use. Also, please be sure to sign the form.

We will attempt to reply within two weeks of the date we receive your request.