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Resources for Districts and Education Service Districts


School districts, education service districts, community-based organizations, and charter schools may operate high school equivalency programs for students age 16 and older. In order for the institution or agency to receive State School Fund dollars for GED preparation, however, students must also earn credit toward their diploma. If a student earns their high school equivalency certificate by passing the 4 GED tests, they may continue enrollment until they earn their diploma, up to the maximum age of enrollment, which is 21.

If your institution or agency is interested in starting a GED Option Program, please see the application under “Helpful Links” below.


Related Statutes and Rules:

ORS 339.030 - Exemptions from Compulsory Attendance
OAR 589-077-0400: Requirements
OAR 581-022-1131: Credit Options
OAR 581-021-0076: Exemption from Compulsory Attendance

For additional information, please contact Annie Marges, Alternative Education Options Specialist for ODE: