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Alternative Education

In the past, alternative education may have most often been described as off-site programs for the most at-risk students. Now, a variety of private and public alternative schools and programs are evolving to support Oregon's commitment to help students achieve high academic and career-related standards and to pursue their individual goals and interests. 

Alternative Education Links

Private Alternative Schools and Programs

Oregon School Directory: Reference the Oregon School Directory for the most up to date version of school and private alternative school information. 

Registered Programs in Oregon

A private alternative program must be registered with the Department of Education before a school district may contract with or distribute public funds to the program. Standards for private alternative schools are further described in OAR 581-021-0072. The resources below provide information and instructions on how to apply to become a registered private alternative program.

Private Alternative School Registration Materials

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Toolkits for Districts

Each toolkit may be copied into a word file and modified. A toolkit may be updated periodically in response to changes in Oregon Revised Statutes, Oregon Administrative Rules, or in response to comments. 

The three toolkit documents, below, are currently being revised for accessibility compliance.  Documents hyperlinked within all three are no longer available. The current contact information is Bob Salazar, ODE Alternative Education Specialist, 503-947-5981 or .

A resource for school districts and school district boards for self-assessments of their alternative education program policies and procedures. Includes references to ORS, OAR, Private Alternative Program Standards, and sample policies of the Oregon School Boards Association.

Alternative Education Programs Toolkit for Review of the District's Policies, Procedures

A resource for school districts and school district boards for their approvals of the public or private alternative education programs that they will operate or contract with.

Alternative Education Program Toolkit for Program Evaluation

A resource for school districts and school district boards for their evaluations of the public and private alternative education programs they are operating or contracting with.

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) and Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) related to Alternative Education

Other Helpful Links

Personalized Learning

Personalizing the diploma for each student and helping students plan for their post-high school education and career goals. 

Reports on student enrollment, graduates (high school completers) and dropouts. 

Oregon Diploma

Preparing each student for advanced learning, work and citizenship. 

This page contains links to on-line resources to help you develop dropout prevention and recovery programs at your school. 

Comprehensive guidance and counseling is an integral part of the school support system that advances high quality learning opportunities. 

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