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Charter School Equity Grants

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ORS 327.362 (formerly HB 2166) became law during the 2021 regular legislative session. This bill includes a variety of high-priority equity initiatives for Oregon. The bill also authorizes the Department of Education to award grants from the Statewide Education Initiatives Account to certain eligible public charter schools. To be eligible, a charter school must not be a virtual charter school and have at least 65% of the total student population composed of students from the following groups:

Racial or ethnic groups that have historically experienced academic disparities (aligned to SIA definitions); and Students experiencing disability (students with IEPs)

The purpose of the Charter School Equity Grant is to increase academic achievement, including reducing academic disparities, for the same student groups named above.

Charter School Equity Grants will be funded through the Statewide Education Initiatives Account of the Student Success Act. $2,000,000 was appropriated for the first biennium. The grant cycle will occur once per biennium and funding allocations will be calculated annually.

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Charter Schools providing their intent to utilize the grant:

2022 Charter Schools providing their intent to utilize the grant

Required Published List of Eligible Charter Schools:

2022 Eligible Charter Schools