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Summer Learning Grants Resources

The pandemic has had an immense and disruptive impact on Oregon’s children. Additionally, COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted Black, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Latino/a/x, Pacific Islander communities; students experiencing disabilities; and students and families navigating poverty. Students, families and educators have been resilient in the face of the many challenges that have been presented by the pandemic. Nevertheless many students have experienced interrupted learning and inconsistent connections with their peers. Many students also continue to have basic needs such as food, shelter and wellness and support for mental, social and emotional health.

To address these needs, House Bill 5042A authorizes the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to make available $195.6 million General Fund and $10 million Federal Funds in grant funding to participating school districts for academic summer school to support high school students facing academic credit loss, summer enrichment programs, and wrap-around child care.

The pages linked below contain the most recent resources and information available for school districts and charter schools on these grant programs.

For questions regarding these programs, please view the Summer Learning Grants FAQs (updated 6.24.21) or email the Summer Learning team.

Summer Learning Grant Program Final Legislative Report

Upon the completion of the Summer Learning Grant Program, ODE was required to submit a final report to the legislature containing the program data and financial data collected from grantees throughout the grant process. The final report as submitted to the legislature on 12.10.21 can be found below. Also included is the final report submitted by the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) for the grant funds they were awarded under this program.


Please use this combined application form to apply for all three Summer Learning Program grants.

Capital Expenditures

All capital expenditures to be funded by the Summer Learning Grants must first be approved by ODE. Please fill out and submit the following application form for each capital expenditure your district would like to use these funds for.


Final Reporting

All final reports are due October 31, 2021. Please see the Final Report Template Announcement for more information.

Summer Academic Support Grants - High School Level

The Summer Academic Support Grant provides grant funding to support summer programs for high school students to acquire academic credits needed to stay on track for graduation.

Summer Enrichment Program Grants - K-8 Level

The Summer Enrichment/Academic Program Grant provides grant funding to offer services for K-8 students for:

  1. enrichment activities (robotics, dance, martial arts, art, music, outdoor programs, etc.);
  2. academic learning and readiness supports (summer school, bridge programs, transition programs, etc.); and/or
  3. social-emotional and mental health services.

Summer Child Care Grants - K-5 Level

The School Child Care Grant provides a supplemental grant opportunity to recipients that wish& to provide wrap around child care services for K-5 students that participate in summer academic and enrichment programs supported through the Summer Enrichment/Academic Program Grants.

Oregon Community Foundation

The Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) will administer $40 million in competitive grants for community organizations to provide summer enrichment activities for K-12 aged students, as well as $1.2 million for parent-child summer programming for families with young children.

Announcements and Updates

Additional Resources

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