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​Top things families can do to help kids graduate

Start Early

Talk to your child, read, count, communicate with your child schools and child care providers … for some ideas for early childhood support check out Oregon’s Brain Building Website for ideas. 

Make school attendance a priority

Talk about the importance of attending school every day and make it a priority. Help the children in your life set up regular routines. Monitor the children in your life’s participation in school and communicate with the school around any issues or concerns. 

Have high expectations for the children in your life

Expect your children to do well and succeed. Also, praise hard work and persistence. Children who persevere on difficult tasks are more likely to be successful. A strong work ethic is one of the characteristics that employers are looking for in future employees. 

Help your student develop the essential skills of interacting with others

One of the most important skills for school success and a skill highly desired by colleges and employers is the ability for students to be self-aware, problem-solvers, and cooperative team members.

Help your child plan for life after high school

Talk about careers, education and training after high school. Graduation is an important milestone in a child’s life, but having a plan for after high school is extremely important to keeping children engaged. 

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