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School Garden Food Safety

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School Garden Food Safety Training & Documentation Manual

Minimize risks by using this ODE School Garden Food Safety Training & Documentation Manual. Designed to be printed out and placed in a binder. Not a regulatory program, but a tool to enable you to follow practices which will help you serve food from your school garden safely!
To See this manual in action, here's a WEBINAR that was presented on 3/21/2017. 
This is the same presentation that Rick Sherman shares with School Garden Coordinators during Growing Garden's School Garden Coordinator Garden Certification course.  Special guest include Louva Montour, Culinary Instructor with the STAR school in Flagstaff, AZ.  The above manual is presented for the first half hour, Louva shares about Arizona's school garden certification process after that.

Additional Resources:


Portland Public Schools had issued a temporary ban on eating produce from school gardens. Growing Gardens, a nonprofit that does a majority of urban agriculture and education in some of these gardens, Here is an updated response to the situation
Q&A on Lead and drinking water from Oregon Health Authority
    Lead in the home garden and urban soil environment from the University of Minnesota
Lead Safety for the Home Garden from Michigan State University



Best Practices and other resources from around the country in school garden food safety:
Best Practices for Handling Fresh Produce in Schools (Institute of Child Nutrition) 
Best Practices for Using Produce from School Gardens (Overview)
Healthy Gardening Fact Sheet from Oregon Health Authority. Contains links for testing your soil, interpreting soil results, and information on contaminants.
Food Safety Handbook from NC State Coop. Ext.  
Food Safety for School and community Gardens (Food Safety Culture Team)  

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