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Onboarding Materials

How to Onboard

Be sure to read through the following onboarding process and complete the steps that are relevant for you and your organization. Please note that the OneHealthPort registration process and the execution of legal agreements can occur in parallel or one after the other. You will need to complete each step before your organization can access the Oregon Provider Directory (OPD) system. The OPD is currently being offered to soft launch participants. If you are not part of soft launch and have questions about general availability, please email us at

Complete the OPD onboarding worksheet

The OPD onboarding worksheet collects necessary information so that the OPD program knows who to contact in your organization, how your organization intends to use the OPD, whether your organization will contribute data to the OPD, and how your organization meets the Medicaid entity criteria.

Review and Execute Legal Agreements

Someone from your organization who has authority to execute contracts needs to sign the OPD Organizational Participation Agreement and the MiHIN Terms of Service. Signed agreements may be returned to Authorized users will click, “sign the authorized user agreement and terms of service” when they first access the OPD.

Click here to view a legal agreement FAQ.

Verify you are part of the Medicaid enterprise

Organizations that use the OPD must be part of the Medicaid enterprise, which means any of the following:
  • Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Department of Human Services (DHS)
  • Entities currently enrolled or contracted with OHA to provide Medicaid services. This includes but is not limited to Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) and their affiliated entities, individual practitioners, facilities, and hospitals
  • Entities that participate in statewide health information exchange and submit health information exchange endpoints for its providers as a Data Contributor
  • Entities that have been pre-approved by OHA to supply Provider Data as a Data Contributor to improve Provider Data quality
  • Entities that are selected by OHA to participate in soft launch. Soft launch is a period when the OPD is initially deployed to a targeted audience. During soft launch, users assess the value of the OPD and its readiness to be deployed to additional users across the state.

Register to OneHealthPort for Single Sign-on

User registration and access to the OPD is provided via OneHealthPort Single Sign-On (SSO) capability. OneHealthPort also provides SSO for the Clinical Quality Metrics Registry (CQMR) and many other participating sites in Oregon and Washington. If your organization is already registered, connect with your administrator. 

Click here for a OneHealthPort step-by-step guide.

Onboard as a Data Contributor

Data contributors provide data to the OPD by data to the OPD by data entry in the web portal or by file upload. To upload files to the OPD in batch, data sources must first onboard with OHA and MiHIN as a Batch Data Contributor. Batch Data Contributors must complete the OPD Data Source Evaluation Form and the MiHIN onboarding form. OHA will meet with Batch Data Contributors to review the form. Once approved by OHA, MiHIN will provide technical assistance and data validation of the files. The implementation guide contains additional technical specifications and file templates. 

OPD Training Materials

OPD Legal Agreements

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