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Student Wellness Survey

YouthThe Student Wellness Survey (SWS) was introduced in 2010 to assess school climate, positive youth development and the behavioral health of Oregon youth. It is an anonymous survey of students in grades 6, 8 and 11.

Visit to find survey data, forms, instructions and frequently asked questions.

The Oregon Public Health Division also conducts two other health surveys: the Oregon Healthy Teens Survey for youth, and the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey for adults.

Why should schools participate in the Student Wellness Survey?

  • Oregon youth spend a large part of their lives in school. Only parents and family are more influential.
  • Teachers, administrators and school boards work to create a learning environment where all students can thrive.
  • SWS provides information that can help schools and communities develop plans to support youth and track changes over time.
  • By tapping into issues associated with school climate, positive youth development, and behavioral health, the survey assesses key factors that influence student success.

What is school climate?

  • The degree to which students feel they belong, are valued, and are physically and emotionally safe at school
  • Student qualities such as: attendance, commitment to school, respect for teachers, and feeling safe at school
  • School qualities such as: supportive teachers, opportunities for participation in class or other activities, and levels of harassment and bullying at school or on the way to or from school.

What is positive youth development?

  • Youth that feel competent and confident, are involved in the community and have good physical and mental health.
  • High levels of positive youth development are strongly associated with academic success.

What are behavioral health risks?

  • Common behavioral risks include: mental health disorders, substance use, problem gambling, and antisocial behavior.
  • As the number of risks increases, youth become less likely to establish constructive relationships, succeed in school or make a successful transition to the workforce.


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