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Tobacco Media

The Road to a Smokefree Oregon is a timeline showing major milestones in both Oregon and the nation that have occurred in the last fifty years related to tobacco prevention. The timeline is available as a PowerPointthat breaks the timeline up into smaller chunks, and as one documentthat shows the timeline as a whole.

Facebook Editorial Calendar-- This Facebook content calendar provides details about daily posting for the next four weeks on the SmokeFreeOregon Facebook page.  Please feel free to post content from SmokeFreeOregon Facebook page.  If you would like to use the content for other purposes, please email or

TPEP Social Media Guide-- This guide describes: Using Facebook and Twitter without having them take over your life, Friending and Following Smokefree Oregon, and using social media for your program, including setting up pages.  Find Smokefree Oregon on Facebook and Twitter.

The first edition of the Tobacco Industry Denormalization (TID) Cookbookis for earned media and grass roots ideas. Each idea comes with an introduction of what the idea will be useful for, a list of suggested ingredients and then directions for how to carry it out. Several of the ideas have “add-on ingredient” sections that offer templates for news releases you can cater to your own needs or talking points you can sprinkle with your own community’s data. The more you can infuse these activities with your own local stories and data, the more compelling and interesting you will make it for your local decision makers, your community and the news media.

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