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Annual Communicable Disease Summary Index

The Annual Communicable Disease Summary provides an overview of surveillance data each year for a variety of selected communicable diseases and conditions in Oregon. Data in these reports are a finalized summary of the previous year’s surveillance data; however, some numbers are still subject to change in future years’ reports.

Starting with 2018, the Annual Selected Reportable Communicable Disease Summary is available as an interactive report in Tableau. All reports prior to 2018 are Adobe Reader format. A static copy of the 2018 report in Adobe Reader format is also available. If you would like a PDF report of an individual chapter that covers a single communicable disease, you can download this from the interactive Tableau report below by selecting Download PDF and Include “Specific sheets from this workbook”.


  Selected Reportable Communicable Disease Summary

A static PDF of the  2020 Annual Report is available. This report includes data as of January 2021 and is not updated with the newest information as it comes in. To see the most current data, we recommend using the interactive Tableau dashboard.