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Remote Learning Advisory Committee

The Oregon Department of Education is seeking input on how the current education policy framework can be improved in service of student learning and equitable learning outcomes for students accessing remote learning.


Remote learning programs have expanded across Oregon for well over a decade in the form of specialized courses available to students in rural communities, hybrid options for local schools, virtual public charter schools, and home-based options. Most recently, remote learning has become a familiar part of many student’s education through the COVID-19 pandemic response. Even with a return to in-person learning for the significant majority of public schools, remote learning will likely continue to be a significant part of K-12 public education.

Remote Learning

For the purposes of this work, remote learning is any educational model of instruction where the student and the teacher are not in the same physical location for more than half of the instructional time.

Remote Learning Advisory Committee Goals & Work

The Department of Education (ODE) is establishing a Remote Learning Advisory Committee to support ongoing work to update and revisit policies for remote learning models in Oregon. This committee will help shape engagement and policy recommendations covering a wide array of topics involving online, home-based, and other remote learning where students and teachers are not in the same physical location for more than half of the student’s instructional time. The advisory group is composed of volunteers who applied for the role serving a two year period on the committee. The committee may make policy recommendations to ODE.

About Remote Learning Program Standards

Advisory Committee Information

Meeting Content and Notes

  • ​November 16, 2021, 3:00-5:00pm
  • ​November 30, 2021, 3:00-5:00pm


Ken Greenbaum
Kate Pattison

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